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What sizes are the mini-buses and how many people can they legally carry?

The fleet of minibuses and coaches available for rental in Bristol may vary. To find detailed information about our extensive selection, please visit the 'MINIBUS AND COACH FLEET' page.

How do I pay for the hire of the vehicle?

Whether it's before your travel date or upon your return, we will promptly send you an invoice for your Minibus Rental in Bristol. Rest assured that our efficient billing process ensures that you receive the necessary documentation at the right time, allowing you to focus on enjoying your
trip without any worries.

Do cancellation fees apply?

If the minibus rental in Bristol booking is cancelled within 7 days of the hire date, a cancellation fee of $100 may be applicable

What Amenities Are Included?

When it comes to minibus rental in Bristol, the amenities provided may differ based on the model you choose. Whether you opt for a Mercedes Benz Optare Soroco or Turas 900, you can expect a range of standard features. These include air conditioning and heating both at the front and rear, a PA system with options for radio, CD, and DVD playback. Additionally, tinted panoramic windows, full-draw curtains, and comfortable seating are also included.

What Happens in Case of a Breakdown?

When you rent a minibus in Bristol, we provide you with our expert guidance on journey time with utmost sincerity. Our goal is to ensure that you reach your destination as scheduled. However, unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams or vehicle breakdowns, which are beyond our control, can occasionally result in delays. If your journey takes longer than anticipated due to these factors, please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or loss you may encounter.

How Far in Advance Should You Book?

When it comes to minibus rental in Bristol, popular periods such as holidays and weekends can often result in a limited number of vehicles being available. To guarantee availability, it is advisable to book at least a couple of weeks in advance.